Quduri Book of Commercial Transactions

The Mukhtasar

 The brief work of Imām al-Qudūrī, known as Al-Mukhtaṣar and commonly referred to within the Ḥanafī school as Al-Kitāb (the Book), is one of the most widely accepted Ḥanafī texts used for study of the school up to this day.

Imām al-Marghīnānī, one of the great jurists of the school and the author of the famous Al-Hidāya, described the book as the ‘most beautiful book in the most concise form.’

Imām al-Kafawī, Imām al-Qurashī and others have described it as the ‘blessed mukhtaṣar.

This commentary on the section of Buyūʿ (commercial transactions) from the Mukhtaṣar will assist the student in understanding the various fiqhī concepts and terminologies in the manner expounded by the classical authors on Ḥanafī jurisprudence.

Download the book from here: http://daralhikma.co.za/Quduri_Book_of_Commercial_Transactions.pdf